Stranded (White Hot Christmas) - Sean Michael STRANDED shoots a hot flare into the Vegas sky and adds some spice to an otherwise bleak situation. After reading this quickie, I just might re-think the possibilities the next time I am stranded.

Other than a irreversible tragedy, I can't imagine many things worse than getting stranded during the holidays - it's so much more than just an inconvenience, being stranded ruins all the plans you have carefully planned for months in some cases.

When Gretchen and Russ find themselves stranded with no place to sleep, a sexy stranger trips into their life and offers to share his hotel room with the couple, making their Christmas mishap a whole lot more interesting for the trio. Author S. Michael plays it smart by adding a twist to the story that lends a hand in wrapping things up quite nicely!

Quickies are tough to pull off convincingly, but S. Michael does a fantastic job at creating a sexy and believable story in 26 pages – I am definitely impressed!

**Reviewed on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews and The Romance Reviews.

The Romance Review

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