Grace's Final Submission - Sara Kingston GRACE'S FINAL SUBMISSION succeeds in delivering the frustration and fiery passion it promises readers. I am a fan of both BDSM and ménage - combine those elements with a great story and you have yourself a winner!

Grace Sinclair is a thirty-something divorcee looking for something new and exciting to get her back on track with her sexuality after experiencing a disappointing sex life in a loveless marriage. Grace soon finds herself jumping in head first to the exciting BDSM culture when she commits to being auctioned off as a willing slave. She is quite popular, appealing to the club's submissives as well as its dominants. Her icy exterior and commanding presence suggests she is a Domme, but internally, she longs to be told what to do and how to behave. It will take a strong and experienced Dom to manage the physical and emotional needs of the complex Ms. Sinclair.

Best friends Michael Cooper and Jason Smith have been searching for that perfect submissive for far too long. They crave a woman who will act as their slave while maintaining her own identity as well as cater to their every whim. That means managing their household and all it entails - yes, that includes cooking and cleaning and bills, the whole nine yards. They finally come to realize in order to get exactly what they want; they will have to buy it.

My first thought was: "What a bunch of cavemen" - but then I remind myself they didn't ask for a princess, they asked for a slave. Ultimately, Michael the Dom and Jason the Switch were sexy and charismatic and extremely likable characters. If you are looking for some hot male on male action here, you are out of luck. Michael and Jason stand firm on their "watch only" policy, there will be no handling of another man's "junk".

What story would be complete without some conflict and a misunderstanding? After the trio has a devastating misunderstanding that forces Grace into hiding, author Sarah Kingston definitely spices up the story when she turns the table on the dominant men. As punishment, Michael and Jason are forced to submit to Grace. I am not so sure that this would actually happen in a real D/s relationship, but it makes for some very entertaining reading!

GRACE'S FINAL SUBMISSION is a great BDSM ménage with a unique flair that is sure to keep you glued to the page until the very end.

**Reviewed on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews and The Romance Reviews.

✳✳ Copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

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