Full Exposure - Carla Angela On-line dating. Dirty fantasies. Voyeur tendencies. Naughty photographs. Sexy subjects. What an excellent composition for an afternoon of total indulgence and those are the exact elements you will find in FULL EXPOSURE.

In an attempt to help her friend find "Mr. Right," professional photographer Lake Silva scours through the truly horrible photos in the on-line dating sites. As her shock at the awful photos wanes, a genius idea for a new business is born...professional online dating photos! Who wouldn't want a little help at putting their best foot forward when trying to catch the eye of their potential mate? Lake is no stranger to provocative and sexy photo shoots - producing works of art that tease the senses, making her the perfect photographer to control the camera.

Putting her business plan in motion, she sets out to better the life of one mysterious and flirtatious single man needing help in the photo department. What she expects is far different than the sexy and wealthy playboy she discovers and she certainly doesn't expect to be fantasizing about the man. Hunter Dex doesn't have to work very hard to lure her in with his piercing blue eyes and smooth, tanned skin stretched taught over sinewy muscle. He is the perfect subject and is now the object of all her naughty fantasies; she can't seem to get him out of her thoughts. As Lake and Hunter's paths continue to cross, their business relationship decidedly takes a more personal turn and his innocent glances turn to penetrating stares that twinkle with mischief and desire.

I love erotic stories that draw out the anticipation of that first steamy encounter and FULL EXPOSURE does just that...making you crazy with want and desire. Hunter Dex is the perfect mix of sweet and sexy, naughty and nice. Who would complain about working if all your subjects were as hot and alluring as the elusive Hunter Dex? Call me a work-a-holic because the only time I would be putting down the camera would be to partake in the pleasures Mr. Dex happened to be offering! FULL EXPOSURE is bound to force your libido into overtime too!

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