Taken By A Killer (Snatcher Series, #1) - Miranda Stowe
TAKEN BY A KILLER is an awesome, nail biting, romantic suspense with hot characters and a fast paced story line that promises to please.

Reese Daggart is a dangerous man. He always has been. He is handsome, has a wicked tongue and he really has a way with the ladies--but his extra special talent is ruffling the feathers of one Emily Hayden. Reese and Emily have made a lifelong commitment to bicker with one another - it started way back in the 8th grade. As adults, not much has changed. He is still doing his best to annoy her and she is doing her best not to fall prey to his charismatic ways.

The town of Miners Bend has a killer on the loose and he is picking off the town's women one by one, so currently, Emily has a lot more to worry about than Reese Duggart. But when Reeses' sister, Jenna becomes the eighth victim of The Snatcher, he turns to Emily, the only person who can give him the comfort he craves and the help he needs to find his sister before it's too late.

TAKEN BY A KILLER is the perfect mix of drama and suspense with some fun and sexy romance between Reese and Emily. They have so much fire between them that it's amazing my reader didn't melt from the heat! I loved that Emily was a strong woman and did a great job holding him at bay - she didn't just succumb to his charm as many heroines, even the strongest ones, seem to do.

Miranda Stowe made the characters of Emily and Reese all the more appealing and realistic as their sexy banter was laced with a fair amount of humor and snark that had me giggling as I imagined the scene unfolding. This made the journey all the more enjoyable.

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