In the Service of Women - Shayne McClendon Well now, that certainly interesting? Talk about uninhibited!

I wasn't exactly sure what I was expecting with IN THE SERVICE OF WOMEN, but it was entertaining and very erotic. Sarah is very young, 18ish when she is recruited by an escort service that caters to the needs of women, which sometimes includes men, but THIS book is all about the "power of the pussy"! As Sarah's story ramped up, I couldn't help but picture an older woman (when I say older I mean older than her actual age - late 20's/30's) - she seems so wise - far beyond her young age and she is definitely a freak in the sheets!

The story is told as a chronicle of sexual adventures Sarah experienced as a high-end call girl. As a sex worker, she recalls, as you can imagine, a lot of sex, but that's not all. I came to see Sarah as a sort of sex-therapist who actually gets down and dirty with her clients in order to better their lives. It was an interesting perspective to say the least.

This is a great read if you dig girl-on-girl action and stories about self-discovery - I might take a few of her pointers into my own bedroom (true statement) - just read it and guess which ones ;-)

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