Misunderstanding Mason - Claire Ashgrove Claire Ashgrove is a new author to me, but you can better believe I am going to get better acquainted with more of her work real soon! She took a fairly simple conflict and turned it into a wonderful and emotional story.

Kristin and Mason have been living together for two of the five years they have been dating. All is right in their world until they agree to work together for a wealthy client on a large project, never expecting that this decision would turn their world upside down. The client's "keen observations" forces Kristin to reevaluate her relationship with Mason which results in her moving out. As she questions the deficiencies in their relationship, it becomes difficult to determine if their issues are as serious as they seem in her mind or are they simply compounded by the vicious manipulations of a bored old woman?

I have read a lot of romance and a lot of erotica, but few characters have been as animated and realistic as Kristin and Mason were to me. MISUNDERSTANDING MASON contained some of the sweetest and hottest scenes I have ever read. I can't really put my finger on exactly what it was about the scenes that made them different from other books, but they really spoke to me. It could have been the way Kristin and Mason's casual comfort in their relationship with each other is described. Maybe it's the way she paints the picture of them engaging in something sexy and simple like "pressing a kiss on her bare shoulder" to something very different that's carnal and needy that makes them really come alive to the reader.

Lets face it, erotic novels with characters who get down and dirty are hot...I love to implant myself into all the naughty stories, but most of the time what goes on in the land of erotica is just not real life. It's fantasy and that's what makes it so delicious. I enjoyed, for a change, reading a romance that I not only wanted to be involved in, but I could actually see the love they shared as something I could have in my real life. If you are in the market for an erotic romance that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, hot and horny and sometimes a little teary, then this book is one you definitely must read!

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