Forsaken (The Witness #2) - Bec Botefuhr I was super excited about reading FORSAKEN to get the skinny on super hot relationship dynamics between Maya, Ryder and Nate and it started off with a bang!

I was very pleased with how the dynamics between the trio morphed, but I won’t say how ;-) Relax, no ménage, but just as fulfilling!

I couldn’t help but feel that the second half of the book was like a race to the finish – with too much happening and all the conflicts resolving at warp speed… It really diminished my initial feelings about the story as a whole. The timeline was difficult to follow towards the end as it was progressing at a much faster pace than the beginning of the book – not sure if there was a max word count or just a rush to meet a deadline, but the rating will unfortunately suffer with the ending as it is. With a little expansion, I would easily give this book a 4 or maybe even a 5 star rating, but as it stands, it’s a solid 3.

I also felt that there were a few plot holes that bothered me. The main hole I just couldn’t get past was: Nate almost died, was in a coma, 2 broken legs, broken collarbone, broken arms, broken ribs…if I am not mistaken. BUT then like 3 weeks later, he was miraculously trotting around the house - running out to the pool to dangle his feet in the water as he pouted about Maya & Ryder’s big news? Hello? That is something that definitely needs attention! If I am wrong about the time frame, then that timeframe needs clarification.

Although I like the author’s writing style, the two works I have read are in dire need of an editor or at the very least some experienced beta readers to help with missing/wrong words, grammar and punctuation. Again, the second half seemed to suffer more that the first half. For instance if you are using “my mother” in a sentence, mother should not be capitalized unless it is replacing the mother’s name – maybe that rule is different with British English? That just about drove me nuts! Also the constant mix up of words like: doing/going, to/too/two… the list goes on.

I loved the story and characters enough to give this one another read if it is ever expanded. Author Bec Botefuhr definitely has a gift when it comes to creating sexy and desirable characters and I will definitely read more of her work!

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