Voices and Lies (Rock Hard Seduction, #1) - Tonya Ramagos Are you the kind of person to get "star struck"? I'm not. If I see a celebrity, I might say something like: OMG! There is So-and-so...but I certainly don't run over and try to photograph them or talk to them. What's the point? Most likely, you are not going to become friends with them and what are you going to do with a photo? Frame it? Sell it? You get yourself all hyped up and stressed out for what purpose?

That's exactly what happens to Alicia Addison while waiting in line with hundreds of other fans to meet the lead singer of her favorite metal band, Façade.

"Just don't turn into a babbling idiot when you meet him."
"I would never! Alicia gasped, clinching the band's music CD she held so hard the plastic case nearly cracked. But even as she continued to stare at Derek, she could feel her IQ dropping into the single digits.

Yeah, all that stress for someone who is not going to remember you tomorrow? No thank you! But what if my celebrity crush showed up at the exclusive bed and breakfast my sister owns? Well, that is another story entirely.

Alicia is doing her good deed for the year by helping her sister run her bed and breakfast while she is out of town. Alicia transforms herself from the metal t-shirt and jeans clad head banger into the prim and proper B&B hostess complete with a cute little suit and heels. Playing the role of hostess includes many responsibilities, including answering the door when the bell rings late at night. So, imagine her surprise when she answers the door and finds none other than Derek Kadin, lead singer of Façade. Yeah, that's when the story really started to get good!

I really loved the chemistry between Alicia and Derek. Of-course, what great story would be complete without some romantic drama thrown in? Alicia and Derek both bring their own brand of drama in this exciting and erotic read by Tonya Ramagos. If you love rockers and you love erotic romance, then you gotta check this series because it's bangin'!

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