Devoured (Devoured, #1) - Emily Snow DEVOURED was an entertaining read with all the elements I tend to like in a romantic story - boy meets girl, offends her and reappears in her life years later - boy wants girl and girl wants boy, but she is protecting her heart from a repeat of humiliation and hurt - boy is a rockstar... Did I forget to mention that? Oh yes, he is a Rock God and is used to getting what he wants, so he devises a plan to claim her as his own. Sounds like a great read, right?

Well... yes and no. I loved it, but felt that their relationship should have progressed so much more than it did. The characters seemed to get stuck in a tug-of-war with each others heart strings and I got a little bored with their indecisive behavior. Then there is the dreaded cliff-hanger that is ever so popular these days... well, not so much a cliff-hanger as an ending with no resolution. I kind of felt like it just stopped, so I was left very unsatisfied with how things played out. I will definitely be reading the next book in the series to hopefully discover what fate has in store for these characters.

**NOTE: I was informed by another reader that there is a prequel that tells how their story began and I have heard that it is a must read that will rekindle the excitement regarding the romance surrounding this couple. The novella/story is currently FREE on Amazon (2/19/13) and is called [b:All Over You|16161536|All Over You (Devoured, #0.5)|Emily Snow||22003364]. Enjoy!

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