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E.M. Abel! I think I love you! I’m not into girls, but I might get into girls – just for you ;-) Thank you for writing such a great story with sexy characters – I freaking loved the characters in FREEING ASIA. Ok, I believe that's a sufficient amount of gushing – you have read enough about how great you are… Now get your ass in gear and finish book 2! 

All right then, let’s get down to it! I already asked author, E.M. Abel if the heroine, Asia could possibly end up in a ménage and she just laughed and kind of waved it off – I don’t think she realized I was being totally serious – that would have made me really happy. Since that wasn’t in the cards, I kind of just threw my hands up and let the cards fall where they may because deep down,  I would have been happy with either direction love pulled Miss Asia (which is a really good thing, because no one asked my opinion and I didn’t have a choice in the matter). 

Yes, I know – super hot, huh? You are welcome ;-)  Just ignore the minor details that Marcus actually has a head full of hair in the book and you’ll just have to imagine he has those super sexy tats Oh!  and Jay has tats too, but they’re hidden beneath the suit – I make shit up as I go and these pictures are how I envision Marcus, Asia & Jay.