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New author, Roxy Mew’s debut novel, A LOVE WORTH BITING FOR, has the humor that I crave and the romance I expect in my paranormal romance reads.

Amber is a wolf and Jake is a vampire, so, from the get-go, their love is not a match made in heaven and both are resistant to giving in to the mating pheromones that have them blinded with lust. But they are both smart and know that a life together will be everything except for easy – vampires and werewolves don’t exactly have an awesome track record for getting along in their world.

Amber is my favorite kind of heroine, she is sassy and snarky and strong, but let’s not forget funny! She is really funny! She is also the daughter of the Alpha for her pack, so she has a bit of a spotlight on her – there’s no way her mating with a vampire will fly under the radar, so she tries really hard to resist the mating call. Amber is not easily impressed by the opposite sex, so watching her get sucked in by the mating call was fun.

Personally, unless you’re taking down a twelve-point buck with your shirt off—while covered in hair—I am not usually impressed.

Jake is smooth and sexy. At a glance, he appears to be just your average hunky co-ed, but he has a secret. Not only is he a vampire, but he also has a little werewolf in him – that side of him has been dormant for so long that he kind of forgets he’s not 100% vampire – until he meets Amber, at which point his wolf side is impossible to ignore. Jake is so caught off guard by the emotions that surface upon his first encounter with Amber, that he is convinced she has worked some kind of ju-ju magic on him and demands she reverses whatever she did that has him feeling out of sorts… He tries to come up with any explanation he can think of to understand what is happening to him.

Jake—still didn’t know his last name—didn’t move. It made me want to push him. “I do give off certain pheromones to attract prey. Are you sure you aren’t just responding to those?”

That would be convenient, but… “I’m sure. Your sister gives off those pheromones too. She couldn’t dazzle me, so I doubt the pheromone thing works on me either. And I had no desire to walk up and lick water off your sister’s chest.”

His irises flexed, and his face erupted in a grin that could have made straight men gay. “You want to lick me?”

Like a lollipop.

A LOVE WORTH BITING FOR is full of great one-liners that I wanted to share with you, but thought it best to let you discover them when you check out this new series for yourself. I am already stalking the next book in the series (it will be out next year and relax there’s no cliffy). Congrats, Roxy on your new book and I can’t wait to see what you have for us in the future!

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