Silk - Em Petrova SILK is one of those quick little reads that makes you want to get naked and roll around in some smooth, satin sheets...with two hot men!

Wynne has a wonderful life. A great job. A handsome and loving, new husband. When she is uprooted from her Atlanta lifestyle to live in New England, she realizes she is missing something she just can't live without--her former business partner and best friend, A.J. Though she tries to hide her feelings of sadness from her husband, Jake, her attempts to put on a happy face are futile. Jake knows something is wrong, but when his suspicions are finally confirmed, he hatches a plan that is sure to put the spring back in her step.

I would love to know more about the trio's relationship prior to Wynne and Jake's big move. Obviously I loved the story, but A.J.'s possessiveness of Wynne was a little much, considering she is a married woman. I am confident that the few bumps in the story line would benefit from knowing how these three previously interacted.

SILK is a hot quickie that will make you wish you had a husband who likes to share!

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