Soul Mate - Catherine Bybee The direction that Catherine Bybee's SOUL MATE took was pleasantly surprising. Many of the things I expected to happen did not come to fruition and I love it when a story catches me off guard.

Kari Pearce is a loner. She lives a life secret from even her sister, who is also her best friend. Kari has embraced her life of solitude in order to protect her secret. Instead of focusing on the events of her infection, her story focuses on how she leverages her canine senses to make the human world a better place--this was a nice spin and welcome change to the typical story line where the victim battles evil in the supernatural world.

Of course, what paranormal story would be complete without an alpha male to round things out? Agent Nick Murdock to the rescue, or so he thinks. He is determined to protect Kari from the "bad guys". Little does he know she is well beyond capable of taking care of herself, but you can't blame a guy for wanting to be the hero.

For a suspenseful and romantic read, SOUL MATE is just the novella that's sure to hold your attention and entertain you for the afternoon.
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