Masters of Her Heart - Cooper McKenzie Masters of Her Heart was definitely a step in the right direction...Cooper McKenzie seems to be getting the series back on track.

We met Megan in book 2 as the submissive with the rogue Dom who didn't stop when she used her safeword. Of-course, Megan is a damaged soul...aren't most subs? After putting her trust in an insane Dom, she is even more fragile than before. Luckily, there are 2 handsome men, Quinn and Jack waiting in the wings to help her find the happiness she longs for and deserves.

Quinn and Jack are a couple and their chemistry is sweet ans magical. When they add Megan to the mix it is even more so. I loved the way their story came together. This is definitely "sugar kink"...not going to be a favorite among hard core BDSM readers unless you are looking for something on the sweet side of the lifestyle.

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