Caught by the Master (Club Esoteria, #2) - Cooper McKenzie I liked this one, I didn't love it though. I didn't feel that there was much of a story.

Taurus is a Dom and part owner of Club Esoteria. Whitney is a journalist trying to uncover a story and a sub, but she doesn't know it. When Whitney sneaks into the club to find her story, she is caught by Master Taurus and he isn't willing to let her go.

What I loved: I loved Taurus' character. He is a kind and loving person and Dom in search of what his life has been missing--someone to share it with!

What didn't work for me: Whitney's character was a little flat. Being a sub doesn't mean no personality...maybe I just need more time with Whitney to love her character. I also wasn't thrilled with the fact that Whitney and Taurus fell in love at first sight...literally, at first sight! I might have been able to overlook the previously mentioned if there had been more to the story.

I plan to continue on with the series because I am enjoying the overall theme and really liking the characters for the most part.

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