Provoke Me (Unveiled, #2) - Cari Quinn "Either her panties melted off her body or he ripped them away..."

Yes, PROVOKE ME is that hot! So, just a fair warning to wear your least favorite undies while reading this one because they are bound to self destruct with the heat Cari Quinn is bringing to this deliciously sexy read!

The Book Nook bookstore is just too small for both Kelly and Spencer AND all the sexual chemistry they have going on. Kelly is headstrong and outspoken. Spencer is a straight-laced businessman and has no time for romance...that is until he runs into his sassy little bookstore manager at a local sex club. that was unexpected and a most pleasant surprise, but Spencer is determined to keep things professional and declares that they never saw each other and work will be business as usual. The problem is, Spencer doesn't realize that once he has a tiny taste of the passion Kelly permeates, he is going to be hooked! He won't be able to help himself. He has to have more!

The chemistry between all the characters is fantastic! I love it that Kelly is so feisty! Spencer is so dense that he actually thinks he can just dismiss Kelly--personally and professionally...Whoa! Does he have another thing coming! If you want to read something funny and sexy, you have got to get this book! A solid 5 star read!

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