Delicious - Jami Alden DELICIOUS is a lip-smackin' load of hot fun that leans more on the romance side with a tad bit of erotic thrown in for good measure! Its a great escape that will leave you rooting for the heroine all the way to the end!

Reggie Caldwell is a self-trained chef who becomes an overnight sensation in the world of food. When the fame she has desperately worked so hard to achieve is finally attained and she believes her life is on the right track. Reggie's popularity soars largely because of her friendly and approachable personality, but as she makes herself accessible to her fans, she also makes herself accessible to someone with darker desires. In addition to the stalker, she also picks up a hot, hunk of a bodyguard to go along with her new found fame! Now that might be worth a few sleepless nights!

This is a great read if you are looking for a novel length romantic suspense.