Accidental Fate - M.A. Stacie I love seeing the most unlikely man with a baby, who doesn't? You know, the kind of man who looks tough and rugged on the outside...who looks like he would rather do just about anything other than deal with a baby. That man is your hero in ACCIDENTAL FATE and you can't help but love the person he is and the father he becomes.

Up until the day Leo Sommers walked in to find a screaming baby on his doorstep, he was living the life of a single and carefree bachelor. Leo had no attachments and made no apologies to the women he allowed into his life - they were welcome for one night only and that was it. That all changed when baby Joe - his baby, came crashing into his life screaming and crying. With the baby's mother nowhere to be found, Leo's lack of know-how in the baby department rapidly beats him down and exhaustion kicks in. That is when an angel in the form of Erin Miles enters the picture and is happy to help Leo find his fatherhood and in her pants!

ACCIDENTAL FATE packs a powerful and emotional story into a quick read. It is a feel good story that has you cheering for the former bad boy all the way to the end.

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