The Pleasure Garden - Amanda McIntyre, Charlotte Featherstone, Kristi Astor The Pleasure Garden is a combination of 3 novellas all of which take place in the same garden in different time periods.

First was the story of Cara and Edmund. Taking place during a time where loving each other is forbidden by the laws of their country. Edmund must decide to either fulfill his his religious obligations and lose his one true love or runaway with his one true love and face treason and all while being betrayed by his best friend.

This one got off to a slow start and only slightly ramped up to salvage the story for an okay ending.

I have to be honest, I was not inclined to finish the book. I have never been disappointed with Charlotte Featherstone's work, so I thought I should give it a go and I am glad I did.

The second story revolves around Joscelyn and Catherine. Joscelyn, a soldier who returns from war scarred--emotionally and physically loves Catherine, but Catherine belongs to Edward. Edward literally owns her as a result of payment for a gambling debt. Their story of stolen moments and romantic interludes was sweet and hot. This story was far better than the previous.

The final story with sexy Jack and uptight Emmaline was a great pairing of opposites and a decent end to this anthology.

✳✳ Copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

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