Falke's Captive - Madison Layle,  Anna Leigh Keaton FALKE’S CAPTIVE is the sexy sequel to FALKE’S PEAK in the series PUMA NIGHTS.

As a scientist who studies big cats, imagine Beth’s elation when she stumbles upon a cougar on her second day into the research expedition – which is what brings her to this wilderness town the Falke brothers call home. After tranquilizing the beautiful beast, she notices it is wearing a collar – very strange indeed! To Beth’s dismay, the cougar escapes before she can conduct any research - little does she know that this beautiful beast is none other than one of the handsome twins she met the previous night in a bar.

Needless to say, as the story progresses, Beth’s world of science is rocked as she learns of the existence of the cat-shifters and her life as she once knew it is forever changes – in more ways than one!

This second book of the series was entertaining, but the first book stole the show. My expectations were high for FALKE’S CAPTIVE, but the love interest, Beth worked my nerves a little and really was the main reason for my 3 star rating. If you are a fan of cat-shifters and ménage, then you need to get your hands on this one!

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