Tell Me More - Janet Mullany Jo is a personality at a local radio station and has a big problem...the man who is stealing all her sexy thoughts and guiding her promiscuous behavior is a man she has never actually never met! Jo talks to the elusive and mysterious "Mr. D" on her office phone, late at night when no one is around. The lines of fantasy and reality begin to blur as she conducts her sexual life with the sole thought of rehashing every little detail with her sexy stranger. Can she pull herself together enough to have a real relationship with a real flesh and blood man?

I was very excited about reading this book, I thought the story line was fresh and fun and sexy and it had all the ingredients for an excellent read.

Right away I loved the heroine. Jo was a great combination of sexy, smart and funny...very funny, in fact I was laughing out loud on multiple occasions throughout the book. Jo's humor wasn't enough to sustain my attention though. In the beginning, I thought she was smart and confident and I liked that she seemed to own her sexuality by never apologizing for her behavior. As the story went on, I saw that Jo was not the confident character she seemed to be in the beginning and smart...nah. I can't say that she was smart because she seemed to always be making poor decisions and did not have a firm grasp on reality. I viewed her as a bit of a slut...her promiscuity comes across as slutty not liberated. By books end, I actually ended up not like Jo at all.

As supporting characters go, I would liked to have seen a stronger friend for her to lean on as she obviously needed that in her life.

Then, the men...there were just too many men to was a revolving door. Patrick was the only man noteworthy enough to mention and I don't know why he even stuck around--I actually began to question his mental stability for getting involved with her in the first place. Every man that I know would haul ass in the opposite direction and would certainly NOT become intimately involved with the likes of Jo. I did like him though. I thought maybe if he were a longtime friend and already had some sort of vested interest in her life it would have been a more believable relationship, but I just wasn't feeling it. It was way too new in the relationship, in my opinion to be dealing with Jo's brand of drama.

This is the first book I have read by Janet Mullany and I am pretty sure it will be the last. I was terribly confused with her writing style. Her shifting point of view and abrupt shift in scenes distracted from the story. I found on MANY occasions that I had to re-read entire sections, sometimes multiple times to get a handle on what was happening. It was a frustrating aspect that really brought my rating of this book way down. It was so distracting that by Chapter 9, I seriously contemplated not finishing the book--at that time, I had too much invested in the book and I wanted to know the the outcome. Honestly, I would have rated this higher if there had been better distinction between the scene is just one example of the aforementioned shift: “I’m hard again,” he said, almost apologetically. I wasn’t aware he’d deflated at any point, and I had a feeling I’d come across the used condom in the bed pretty soon.
“Then let’s do something about it.” I handed him a condom and watched him roll it on, kneeling above me. “And I’ll go on top.”
“Will you come like that?”
“Almost definitely.” It was sweet how concerned he was with my orgasms, when I, or any other woman, could out-orgasm him, or any other man, until the cows came home.
And I did. Or at least, until the arrival, not of any cows, but of my new tenant.
“I guess this is it,” Patrick said.
Elise leaned her head against his shoulder. “You’ve been so great about it all.”
“Hey, stop it. Next thing you’ll be inviting me back in and then we’ll start all over again.”
“You’re right.” She stepped out of his arms and he felt as though he were ripping up inside. It was a definite physical sensation, a weird tingle down his arms, adrenaline maybe, or a heart attack. He waited. Was he about to drop dead on his soon-to-be ex-wife’s—or rather, his own—doorstep? The first part, the intimate scene was with the heroine and one of her random guys and the second part starting with " I guess this is it" is a scene with the hero and his ex-wife - I had to re-read because I thought maybe I had missed something and the H/h were having sex. That is just one of many...I was actually beginning to think I had gotten a defective copy. There really needs to be at least a visual indicator that the scene is shifting with asterisks or spacing...something. I blame the editors as much as the author for this fumble. After finishing the book and now having read other reviews, I am not the only one who felt this confusion. It seems to be a common theme amongst reviewers.

I had high hopes for this novel--great in theory, but really needs some work to be a good read.

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