The Devil's Pawn - Elizabeth Finn THE DEVIL’S PAWN tells the sordid tale of a handsome and mysterious glorified pimp and his newest “lady of the night.”

Left to fulfill an unpaid debt accumulated by her now dead father, Ashton is forced into a life of sexual servitude as an escort. Like a fish out of water, the virginal and innocent Ashton becomes submerged in this new and dark world of sex and violence. The escort manager, Derek has been charged with the task of training her, but his behavior and attitude towards Ashton is confusing to everyone involved, most of all, the inexperienced Ashton.

Although I enjoyed the basic story, I had a difficult time picturing this scenario playing out in our modern-day world - I kept picturing the characters in a regency setting. Perhaps this was because it was set in a major thriving city and the criminals seemed to be above the law? That was a bit of a disconnect for me.

Despite the previously mentioned blip, THE DEVIL’S PAWN was an enjoyable and sexy read with great sexual tension and enough mystery to keep readers wanting to know more. This is a great choice for readers who enjoy contemporary romance with a brooding hero and a virginal heroine.

✳✳ Reviewed on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews

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