Safeword Davenport - Candace Blevins This 4th book was a bit of a surprise to me... I remember when the first one, SAFEWORD RAINBOW came out and a lot of people were talking about how "hardcore" it was and aside from the TPE, I just didn't agree with the masses. Now, THIS ONE threw me for a loop, but there was some serious shit going on in the heroine, Dana's world.

First, Dana trained and lived as her husband's submissive, but when the story begins, he has been dead for over a year and she is debating on getting back into the dating scene - strictly vanilla, of course. It doesn't take long for her to realize that vanilla just isn't going to cut it for her. Her recollection of her dead husband's sadistic dominance - holy shit, I would be peeing in my pants, but Dana craves pain.

Enter Irving. Yeah, he freaks me out a bit with his fascination with electricity - hell to the no! I don't even like to take a shower during a thunderstorm - I would be running from this Dom, but I'm a puss, what can I say. Interesting and fun to read about, but not my bag, baby.

If you have read and enjoyed the SAFEWORD series so far, you will not be disappointed with this fourth installment.

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