Rick Steves' Venice 2012

Rick Steves' Venice 2012 - Rick Steves, Gene Openshaw originally checked out this book from the library and liked it so much that I ordered it from Amazon. They had the kindle version, but this is definitely a book that I wanted in paperback.

The book contains all the major attractions and "must do" activities in the featured cities. In Venice, it is VITAL for you to do the "pub crawl" he has laid out for you - that was the most fun night we had on our trip :-)

There were also lots of great traveler tips and money saving suggestions. For instance, one thing I never thought about is that lots of restaurants already have a service charge included that covers the tip - typically indicated on the menu, but had I not know to look for that, I would have been over tipping tremendously. Also lots of place to avoid - many of these places were recommended to us by our American friends.

This was an invaluable resource for us in our travels.