Sexual Heeling

Sexual Heeling - Thalia Frost The premise of this short story is solid, but as SEXUAL HEELING developed, there was just too much going on to feel satisfied when it ended.

Monica, a recent college graduate, is unhappy in her position as the manager at a thrift shoe store. That is until the very sexy Jorge walks into her life, whisking her away from mediocrity and worshiping her tantalizing tootsies. Yes, you guessed it, Jorge has a foot fetish and that is perfect for Monica because she has a shoe fetish - a match made in heaven, right?

The problem I had with SEXUAL HEELING was not the writing or the topic, it was just too rushed - it just didn't feel real to me, everything happened way too quickly for my liking. I would have given this book much higher marks if Jorge and Monica had just had a lunchtime fling and never saw each other again - why did they have to fall in love? No, I just wasn't feeling it.

SEXUAL HEELING packs a lot of sexy in just a few pages, but ultimately stumbles in delivering the goods.

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